The 2021 edition | Details and programme

After the success of bePOM2020, several new members of the Belgian photonics community joinded the scientific and organizing committee and pulled together this second edition.

The novelties


Scientific and organizing Committee

  • (new member) Dr Tatevik Chalyan | Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Dr Michaël Lobet | University of Namur - Harvard University
  • Dr Sébastien Mouchet | University of Namur - University of Exeter
  • Dr Gilles Rosolen | University of Mons
  • (new member) Dr Ir Lien Smeesters | Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • (new member) Ms Migle Stebryte | Universiteit Gent
  • (new member) Dr Denis Tihon | UCLouvain - University of Cambridge
  • (new member) Dr Koen Vanmol | Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Dr Isabelle Derycke | University of Namur
  • Mrs Karin Derochette | University of Namur

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Day #1 : Thursday 23 September 2021

08:45 | Gather Town Tutorial & Opening

Quantum, non-linear and laser optics session

09:00 | Tutorial: Prof. Nathalie Vermeulen (VUB)

             Nonlinear photonics in graphene-covered waveguides

09:40 | Invited: Dr. Stéphane Clemmen (ULB)

             Higher probability single photon sources using active frequency multiplexing

10:10 | Contributed talks 

Charlotte Bouquiaux (UNamur) - Unravelling the Effect of the Cholesterol Content on the Second-Order Nonlinear Optical      Responses of Di-8-ANEPPS Embedded in Phosphatidylcholine Lipid Bilayers   

Dimitrije Mara (KULeuven) - Luminescent Lanthanide MOFs: linear and non-linear luminescence and SHG properties           

10:40 | Paper discussion - Nicolas Englebert (ULB)

             N. Englebert, et al., "Temporal solitons in a coherently driven active resonator", Nature Photonics 15, 536-541, 2021

11:10 | e-coffee break "Coffee & chocolate"

Industry representation

11:30 | Tutorial: Prof Hugo Thienpont (VUB)

             Successfully supporting European companies with photonics innovation: the ACTPHAST and PHOTONHUB initiatives

12:00 | Industry representation

12:30 | e-lunch break "Tartines & Boterhammen"

Poster and industry session

13:30 | Poster and industry session

Sensing, imaging and spectroscopy session

14:30 | Tutorial: Prof. Michel Voué (UMons)

             What can we learn from imaging ellipsometry analysis of plasmonic nanocomposite materials?

15:10 | Invited: Prof. Francesca Cecchet (UNamur)

             Vibrational nonlinear optical spectroscopy as innovative, label-free and highly sensitive bio-recognition solution            

15:40 | Contributed talks

Margot Vandermotten( VUB) - In-vitro DILI monitoring using Raman spectroscopy

Aina Fitó Parera (UAntwerpen) - Spectroscopic techniques to characterise encapsulated dye molecules inside single wall carbon nanotubes

16:10 | Paper discussion - Indy Magnus (VUB)

             L. Smeesters, I. Magnus, et al, "Potato quality assessment by monitoring the acrylamide precursors using reflection

             spectroscopy and machine learning", Journal of Food Engineering 311, 110699, 2021.       

16:40 | Beer break & networking


Day #2 : Friday 24 September 2021

Optical fibers and integrated optics session

08:45 | Tutorial: Prof. Peter Bienstman (UGent - IMEC)

             Photonic neuromorphic computing using silicon chips

09:25 | Invited: Dr. Agnieszka Gierej (VUB)

             Fabrication of microstructured polymer optical fibers

09:55 | Contributed talks

Enes Lievens (UGent) - Characterization of electro-optically active thin films for photonic circuits

Médéric Loyez (UMons) - Cancer cells detection using optical fiber sensors

10:25 | Paper discussion - Awanish Pandey (UGent – IMEC)

             A. Pandey, et al., "Nonreciprocal Light Propagation in a Cascaded All-Silicon Microring Modulator", ACS Photonics 8(7), 

            1997-2006, 2021

10:55 | e-coffee break "Coffee & Chocolate"

Optical design session

11:20 | Tutorial: Prof. Fabian Duerr (VUB)

            "First time right" freeform optics design

12:00 | Invited: Dr. Lionel Clermont (ULiège)

             Time of flight stray light characterization: a disruptive approach for improving the performances of space telescopes

12:30 | Contributed talks

Luca Schifano (IRM) - Space-based wide-field-of-view cameras to improve climate change monitoring

Youri Meuret (KULeuven) - Thin multi-channel freeform lenses for lighting applications

13:00 | e-lunch break "Botterhammen & Tartines"

Poster session

14:00 | Poster session

Nanophotonics, plasmonics and metamaterials session

14:30 | Tutorial: Prof. Sofie Cambré (UAntwerpen)

             Ordering of molecules inside carbon nanotubes characterized by optical spectroscopy

15:10 | Invited: Dr. Liliana D'Alba Altamirano (UGent)

             Melanosome development into highly iridescence structures in feathers

15:40 | Contributed talks

Nathan Daem (ULiège) - Photonic Structuration of Hybrid Inverse-Opal TiO2 Perovskite Layers for Enhanced Light Absorption in Solar Cells

Wim Wenseleers (UAntwerpen) - Large nonlinear optical response from dipolar dyes aligned inside carbon nanotubes

16:10 | Concluding remarks & Awards




BePOM 2021 was supported by