Development Finance and Public Policies (DeFiPP)

DeFIPP consolidates research work done in three pre-existing centers, CRED, CEREFIM and CERPE, each of which represents one of the three main research lines: development economics, public policies and regional economics & finance and monetary economics.

The main aim of DeFiPP is to promote research of excellence in economics and finance, with a strong international visibility, while using the economic methodology, both in theory and in empirical research, which is the uniting link between the poles.Cross-fertilization will occur through the common sharing of new methods or approaches.

Emerging research - Future prospects

At this stage, future prospects are specific to the different poles as the institute is new, meaning that inter-pole research themes have not yet been identified.

The sharing of common methods and approaches will certainly help develop synergies between the members of the Institute.

Strong points

The integration of various research domains around the use of models and quantitative analysis in economics and finance.

This will be carried out through the development of common activities, in particular a weekly international research seminar in Namur, as weel as a joint biannual PhD Workshop (with UCL and Saint-Louis) or a Summer School on Big Data and Development.

The three centers also participate to the joint Doctoral School with other universities in Belgium, which offers a number of high level courses to any doctoral students in economics.

Strong position in the three poles, rather unique in Belgium. In particular, CRED is one of the leading centers in development economics in Europe. CERPE is widely known for its advising role to public policies in Belgium.