Welcome to Women and Girls in Science @ University of Namur!

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science takes place every 11th of February, following the declaration by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 22nd of December 2015. 

This annual event aims at promoting the access of women and girls to science and technology as well as their full and fair participation. It reminds the important role of women in the scientific community and constitutes a great opportunity to encourage girls and young women to participate in the scientific developments.

One-day in-person event | 9 February 2023 @UNamur

Show your support in fostering equal opportunities to all genders in Science 

Our 2023 programme is now available!

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This event is organized by UNamur Researchers

Manel Barkallah Lorena Ballesteros Ferraz  Charlotte Bouquiaux Sébastien Mouchet Coraline Stasser
Hala Kasmo
Computer science - NaDI Physics - naXys & NISM Chemistry - NISM Physics - NISM & ILEE Physics - NISM
Biology - NARILIS


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