Organic Chemistry at the crossroads

An international symposium in honour of Professor Alain Krief's 80th birthday

Thank you for taking part in this event!

Our programme covered all aspects of organic chemistry with six world renowned speakers:

  • Prof. Davide Bonifazi (University of Vienna, Austria);
  • Prof. Janine Cossy (ESPCI, Paris, France);
  • Prof. Véronique Gouverneur (University of Oxford, UK);
  • Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn (University of Strasbourg, France);
  • Prof. Annemieke Madder (Ghent University, Belgium);
  • Prof. Ilan Marek (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel).

Associated with this symposium, a special Issue in Synthesis (Thieme Chemistry) which includes numerous articles of his former students, colleagues, and friends is available to read online.

It was a pleasure to welcome you in Namur on January 26th, 2023!

Guillaume Berionni
Stéphane Vincent

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