Each session will be led by a or several lead presenter(s), and leaves ample time available for discussion both during and after the planned presentations. The two Thursday sessions additionally include reviews of past collaborative editing projects, or briefings on recent, ongoing or planned such projects.

Wednesday 18 September 2019

from 7 pm

A prelude to a workshop

Pre-workshop get-together with food and drinks provided

Thursday 19 September 2019

from 9.30 am Welcome coffee
10 am - 1 pm

Session 1: Redefining viewpoint in a crowded field

Barbara Dancygier (University of British Columbia) & Lieven Vandelanotte (UNamur & KU Leuven)

followed by:

Dispatches from collaborative projects (part 1)

  • Viewpoint and the fabric of meaning: Form and use of viewpoint tools across languages and modalities (Barbara Dancygier, Wei-lun Lu, & Arie Verhagen)
  • Viewpoint phenomena in multimodal communication (Barbara Dancygier & Lieven Vandelanotte)
  • Multimodal artefacts and the texture of viewpoint (Lieven Vandelanotte & Barbara Dancygier)
  Lunch break
2 - 5 pm

Session 2: Revisiting viewpoints across narrative and persuasive genres

Kobie van Krieken (Radboud Universiteit) (standing in for her Radboud colleague José Sanders who was unavoidably detained)

followed by:

Dispatches from collaborative projects (part 2)

  • Time and viewpoint in narrative discourse (Kobie van Krieken, José Sanders & Eve Sweetser)
  • Irregular perspective shifts and perspective persistence. Discourse-oriented and theoretical approaches (Caroline Gentens, María Sol Sansiñena, Stef Spronck & An Van linden)
  • Notes from the field on perspective-indexing constructions: Irregular shifts and perspective persistence (An Van linden, Stef Spronck, Caroline Gentens & María Sol Sansiñena)
  • Stance-stacking in language and multimodal communication (Barbara Dancygier, Sally Rice & Terry Janzen)
7.30 pm

Workshop dinner

Friday 20 September 2019

from 9.30 am Welcome coffee
10 am - 1 pm

Session 3: Renewing viewpoint research across expressive modalities

Terry Janzen (University of Manitoba): focus on sign language

Irene Mittelberg (RWTH Aachen University): focus on co-speech embodiment phenomena

  Lunch break
2 - 5 pm

Session 4: Researching the viewpoint aspects of figurative language and image use

Geert Brône (KU Leuven): focus on irony and multimodal viewpoint

Barbara Dancygier & Adrian Lou (University of British Columbia): focus on image schemas

after 5.30 pm

Send-off drinks