2024 programme


8 February 2024

09:00 | Welcome, registration and poster display
09:40 | Opening remarks

09:45 | Welcome address by the Rector, Annick Castiaux

10:00 | Keynote #1 - Prof. Sarah Baatout

                 Director, Radiobiology Unit, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, SCK-CEN, Belgium

10:40 | Short talk #1 - Mathematics in support of decision-making - Dr. Morgane Dumont (HEC - University of Liège)                     

11:00 | Short talk #2 - Dr Sébastien Mouchet (University of Namur - University of Exeter)

11:20 | Flash talk session #1

  • Justine Bélik: How DNA methylation levels change over time in the naturally isogenic mangrove rivulus?
  • Yasmine Akaichi: Federated Learning using Inductive Logic Programming: a New Approach
  • Lauranne Guillaume: Design of bio-controlled insecticides based on bug chitin disruption strategies
  • Laroussi Chaabane: Novel generation of robust photocatalysts for overall water splitting
  • Magdalena Chrabaszczewska: In vitro studies of the EIIAMan influence on the PTSNtr system in Caulobacter crescentus
  • Davoud Alahvirdi: Autonomous Traffic Monitoring and Management by a Simulated Swarm of UAVs
11:45 | Lunch and poster session

13:00 | Keynote #2 - Copper, a friend or a foe? - Prof. Marianne Ilbert, Laboratory of bioenergetic and protein engineering, CNRS, France                

13:40 | Short talk #3 - How to evaluate camera calibration for sports videos? - Floriane Magera, Innovation Engineer at EVS Broadcast Equipment & PhD student (University of Liège)    

14:00 | Short talk #4 - Photobiomodulation intervention before Radiotherapy of Triple-negative Breast Cancer in a Murine Model - Dr Camila Ramos (University of Namur)

14:20 | Flash talk session #2

  • Asena Aynaci: Consequences of the inactivation of the mannose-6-phosphate pathway on the growth, migration and drug sensitivity of HeLa cell
  • Camille Morlighem: Mapping malaria risk in Senegal: combining environmental and socioeconomic factors
  • Noel K. Joseph: Urban growth and intra-urban inequalities: A spatio-temporal analysis of the dynamics of mosquito-borne diseases in East Africa
  • Yuanguo Wu: Sharing Electronic and Ion Transfer Channels by In-Situ Integration of Gel Polymer Electrolyte for Solid-State Lithium-Oxygen Battery
  • Ines Sopbue Kamguem: Viral hemorrhagic fevers in Central Africa: A systematic review of the literature on spatial risk factors
  • Laurelenn Hennaux: Biophysical characterization of the Caulobacter crescentus copper resistance protein, PcoB
  • Liuxi Yang: Non-covalently Synthesis of Porous Organic Salts
14:45 | Coffee break

15:00 | Keynote speaker #3 -The (in)visible ingenuity - Prof. Nuria Salan, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain               

15:40 | Short talk #5 - Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: Unleashing the Power of Gold Nanoparticles in a Symphony of Photothermal and Ultrasound Therapies - Dr Zahra Kayani (University of Namur)               

16:00 | University of Namur Panel session - The impostor syndrome: What is it? Who has it? How to deal with it? With Prof. Carmela Aprile, Dr Claire Rommelaere and Mr François-Xavier Fiévez, Vice-Rector for Social and Student Affairs.

17:00 | Awards and closing remarks

17:20 | Drink and networking session