The Synthesis, Irradiation & Analysis of Materials platform (SIAM)  expertise in materials characterization relies on its capacity to use and combine various spectroscopies (XPS, ToF-SIMS & IBA). These techniques provide a complete evaluation of almost any kind of sample such as: metals, welds, glass, polymers, powders, liquids, in vivo biological material, ...

SIAM has several facilities for functionalizing materials and/or synthesizing thin films by plasma treatments.

Our experience, from several Regional and European Commission funded projects, qualify us for the analysis of complex samples such as: nanoparticles inside complex matrices (food, culture medium, cells from in vitro experiments and organs from in vivo experiments).

SIAM is part of

SIAM is part of, a pan-European consortium of 24 international partners with a core of 13 co-located nanofoundries and LSFs. More than 180 techniques are currently available to users in the field of nanoscience and nano-microtechnology. More info on the website...


General overview of the SIAM platform


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The Synthesis, Irradiation & Analysis of Materials platform (SIAM) is active in both the synthesis and the characterization of materials and nanomaterials. SIAM performs fundamental research in materials sciences, surfaces, interfaces and ion/matter interaction. Different kinds of materials and/or samples, coming from materials sciences, life sciences but not only (materials evaluation inside a biological matrix) can be thoroughly analyzed.

One of SIAM’s major assets is a unique set of expertise in different spectroscopies techniques (high and lower energies) which can be coupled to nuclear analysis. This, thanks to a state-of-the-art equipment, a philosophy of constant development and a highly qualified team.

SIAM can provide characterization and/or analysis solution in fields such as: photovoltaic, intelligent coatings, nanomaterials, public health, biomedical applications to name a few. Our client’s portfolio covers several industrial sectors, SMEs and academia. Our clients beneficiate of an overall technical approach (one stop shop).



  • Metal multilayer profiling   
  • Corrosion problems and origin
  • Determination of layer oxidation states


  • Detection of contaminant traces in different matrices (application in electronics, photovoltaics...)
  • Elementary and molecular imaging of polymer samples



  • Biodistribution and biopersistence (in vivo) of NMs, characterization and quantification
  • Characterisation of thin film materials and airborne particulate matter
  • Phase transformation studies


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